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What Do You Mean by Domestic & Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

What Do You Mean by Domestic & Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

14 Oct 2020

Nowadays, professional carpet cleaning services are in great demand in Perth. Experts can clean both residential and commercial carpets with the help of the right tools and techniques. They are well-trained, experienced, reliable and they are committed to delivering the best service without compromising quality. In this blog, we are going to discuss two major types of carpet cleaning services.

Types of professional carpet cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning services are generally classified into 2 different types. They are a domestic cleaning and commercial cleaning services. Let's take a closer look at these cleaning services.

Domestic cleaning

As the name implies, domestic cleaning services mainly deal with residential or house carpets. Residential carpets are home furnishing products that give comfort and add an extra layer of enhancement to the room. Over time, dust, dirt, stains, spills & other impurities make the carpet dirty. Many homeowners prefer DIY cleaning methods to clean carpets but these methods are not effective. So, to get a better cleaning result, you need to hire domestic carpet cleaning professionals in Perth. They are highly experienced and they use the right tools to clean all types of carpets as well as rugs. Apart from carpet cleaning, other services you will get from the experts include:

  • Dusting
  • Mopping
  • One-off spring cleaning
  • End of vacate cleaning or move in cleaning
  • Party cleanups
  • Advanced vacuuming
  • Tile & grout cleaning
  • High-pressure water carpet cleaning
  • A hard and soft floor cleaning solution
  • General cleaning and maintenance
  • Commercial cleaning 

Commercial carpet cleaning experts offer high precision, advanced and industry-standard commercial cleaning services in Perth. They work in all types of commercial places including galleries, retail stores, offices, cafes, pubs and other places. They always use high-quality and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Experts can deal with all types of commercial carpets. Commercial carpet cleaning needs special skills and experience. So, hiring a reputable carpet cleaning company is necessary. This is because reputable cleaning companies never compromise with quality. They also offer the best cleaning services at a very reasonable price. They always assure 100% guaranteed cleaning solutions with complete satisfaction. Apart from office carpets, commercial cleaning experts also offer the following cleaning solutions:

  • Commercial building maintenance & cleaning services
  • Post-construction cleaning
  • Hard and soft floor cleaning
  • Restaurant cleaning
  • Medical office cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning
  • End of vacate cleaning
  • Deep carpet cleaning

Whether it is a residential carpet and commercial carpet, professional cleaning always gives the best result. If you are planning to clean your carpet professionally, hire a reputable carpet cleaning company in Perth.

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