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Category of Water Damage In Carpet and Mould Growth

Category of Water Damage In Carpet and Mould Growth

07 Jul 2022

There is a no bigger enemy for carpets than water. No, not just a splash of water, but standing water, water that can submerge a carpet can cause harm to your carpet. Water damage to the carpet can not just affect the integrity of the carpet but also cause varied health problems. Thus, as soon as you realize your carpet is flooded mitigation measures must be taken as soon as possible. Sorting the help of a professional flooded carpet restoration specialist is highly recommended. A specialist flooded carpet restorer can easily identify the category of water damage and work towards minimizing the damage so that it doesn’t promote mould growth. Let’s look at what are the different categories of water damage:

Category 1: 

Water damage designated as Category 1 is repairable. Such damage is minor and is caused by rainwater or clean water from a damaged pipe, as well as other sources of clean water at home. As such water contains few toxins, it is safe to recover the carpet. Carpets impacted by Category 1 damage, on the other hand, should be recovered within 48 hours, and a flooded carpet restoration & cleaning service may assist in cleaning, sanitising, and restoring them.

Water damage may progress to category 2 if the carpet is not treated within 48 hours. This is due to the fact that delayed treatment, as well as exposure to metals, chemicals, hair, and soap, can pollute the water.

Category 2:

While the category 1 damage is quite minor and easily repairable, the category 2 damage is slightly more severe in nature. A flooded carpet that falls under the purview of category 2 can lead to several potential illnesses in humans. Furthermore, grey water, such as bathwater, toilet water, or polluted water containing urine but no faecal matter, cause category 2 water damage.

Again, exposed carpets can be saved if treated within 48 hours by a professional flooded carpet restoration specialist. The cushioning, on the other hand, cannot be salvaged and must be replaced. If carpets are not treated within this time limit, the damage will progress to category 3, and grey water may turn black.

Category 3:

The most serious type of water damage produced by black water is Category 3. Black water carries diseases, chemicals, and dangerous microorganisms. Hurricanes, toilet backflows, and sewage are all sources of black water. Carpets and other flooring harmed by category 3 water cannot be restored by any flooded carpet restoration specialist owing to its safety concerns and must be replaced, immediately. Otherwise, it can pose severe health hazards.

How can you prevent mould growth?

Mould and bacterial growth are the biggest damage that threatens a flooded carpet. Mould and bacteria favour a warm, moist or damp condition, thus, in a flooded carpet mould grows quickly. If any of the above categories of flooded carpet is left untreated by a specialist flooded carpet restoration & cleaner, it can act as an incubation centre for moulds and bacteria. Even if your home finally dries out, moisture in the walls and under the floor encourages mould development.

Why should you hire a professional flooded carpet restoration specialist?

While you may think it is easy to detect the category of the damage with the mere understanding of the concept, it is not so. An expert flooded carpet restoration specialist can easily inspect and identify the category of damage. They can immediately start the restoration process without any delay. When it comes to flooded carpets restoration time is the key element. A specialist can employ several professional-grade means to save your carpet like – industrial-grade fans, dehumidifiers, vacuum cleaners and sump pumps. Through their expertise and high-tech machinery the carpet can be saved without any compromise.

Flooded carpet damage will surely impact your life in unfathomable ways. If something happens to your property, your first concern should be to minimise damage and return your life to normalcy. While you may do it yourself, hiring a flooded carpet restoration specialist delivers unrivalled benefits. Remember that water damage varies in categories, and you won't know the extent of the damage on your carpet until an expert inspects it. The sooner you disclose the incident, the greater your prospects of a successful restoration.

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