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Carpet Patching
Carpet Patching
Carpet Patching

Carpet Patching in Perth

Patching is associated with damaged or worn sections of the carpet, be it, stains, burns or a tear. To patch a carpet, Perth Carpet Master cuts out the damaged area and replaces that part with a new piece of carpet. Spare or left over carpet is needed. If it’s not available, a small piece is taken from under the staircase, wardrobe or similar other hidden place.

With carpet patches there are usually only the 2 different methods glued or heat seamed ,the glue we use is contact adhesive ,it does not dry hard and use the right way we can manipulate our patch while the glue is drying. Heat seam tape is a combination of fibre-glass and plastic which is melted underneath the carpet with a special carpet iron.

People usually call us to patch their carpet when:

  • Their dog or cat has scratched a part of the carpet
  • They have removed the wall between their two rooms
  • Some bleach gets dripped on their flooring material
  • A hot iron, hot hair straightener or a cigarette has accidentally fallen on the carpet

Carpet patching is both an art and a science. Perth Carpet Master has considerable experience in patching the damaged sections of  carpet and when our skilled professionals patch a carpet, nobody but you ,will be able to identify the patched area. However, sometimes even after having the carpet patched, you might not be happy with what you have got. This actually happens because of the new piece of carpet, which had a slightly different color and or wear and tear (this is the actual color of the original carpet as well but  due to fading the color has changed) than the original piece. With the passage of time, the patched part will become faded like the rest of the carpet and it is then that nobody would be able to spot the area.

So, what are you waiting for? If you need a carpet patching job to get done, hurry up and call us today!

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