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Emergency Call Outs 24/7
Emergency Call Outs 24/7
Emergency Call Outs 24/7

Emergency Call Outs 24/7

From broken pipe to excess rain, flooding can wreak havoc on a house and its belongings. It mostly happens at a time when you may be expecting it the least. However, if such as emergency situation occurs the first thing you should do is call an expert who can help you with water removal service. Perth Carpet Master’s trained staffs are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The crew can arrive at the place very quickly for extracting water from your property. Whether it is 3am at night or Xmas day, never hesitate to call us. We have a team on standby. For emergency call us on 0449230970.

Our restoration pros are trained and can deal with all kinds of water removal emergencies. We also give advices on how to minimize the water damage until our crew arrives.  For minimizing the damage we generally ask our clients to follow the suggestions given below:

  • If possible to stop water right at its source
  • Avoid walking over the wet carpet
  • Switch off electricity and if possible to removal all the small electrical gadgets from areas that have excess water
  • Remove the small furniture from the carpeted areas
  • Hang the draperies so that they don’t have any contact with the wet floors.
  • Remove any items that are moisture-sensitive, breakable and of high value as well as the ones which may stain the carpet.

Drying out the home and restoring it to its original condition is our motto. So, we do everything possible to get the water removed from your house. We bring an extraction equipment to take out the freestanding water from the home. By using the machine we extract the water from upholstery, carpet and padding. If necessary, we remove carpet and padding to dry it properly. We also use a professional grade dehumidifying and drying machine for drying the affected parts and returning the levels of humidity in home to a normal condition. Our drying and extraction techniques minimize the probability of secondary damage, inhibit bacterial and mould growth as well as reduce costs.  Unless the property is completely dry, we don’t reposition your valuables back to places where they were before. If necessary, we also work with your insurance agent for processing your insurance claim.

We provide quick action that minimizes damage and saves your valuables during emergency helping bring your life back to normal. No one in fact does better than Perth Carpet Master.

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