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Floor Stripping & Floor Preparation
Floor Stripping & Floor Preparation

Floor Stripping & Floor Preparation in Perth

At Perth Carpet Master, our floor stripping and floor preparation services are ranked highest in Perth. As an advanced and well-equipped company, we guarantee to follow the safe procedure to strip and pull off the vinyl tiles and sheet vinyl off concrete slabs to make the floor ready for new flooring. Capitalizing on our extensive experience in domestic and commercial floor stripping and floor preparation, we assure our customers of timely, professional and efficient services with least to no disruption.

Here is How We Are Different!

Our trained and qualified team are clearly aware of how vinyl floor stripping is, hence they are ready with the special floor stripping method to get rid of the adhesive securing the flooring to the concrete slab. Being experienced in this method, our specialists can remove all sorts of remnants of adhesive, thus preparing the concrete slab for a complete new flooring.

We Use Our Company Floor Stripping and Floor Surface Preparation Equipment

The experts of Perth Carpet Masters utilize the latest floor stripping equipment for the task to be done smoothly and with efficiency. So, only the big floor stripping machine with a big blade on it is used for stripping the vinyl tiles and sheet vinyl off concrete slabs. Sliding in between the concrete slab and flooring, the blades strips the parts out. Our team rely on this machine and technique as it ensures the residential or commercial property is not suffering from any kind of unfortunate damages. Finally, the floor surface is completely smooth, level, and dust-free. This entire task costs $25 per square meter.

Sometimes, a small amount of adhesive remains on the slab, but we are ready for further floor preparation at a minimal addition of $10 per square meter for neutralizing the adhesive's effect and the slab level. To get it done, our team use the leather finish, which is a self-levelling compound. Then all the previous glue and coatings are removed which ensures the floor surface is ready for its new appearance.

To remove the old flooring from the site, there are no additional costs implied. Our pricing is only for stripping at $25 per square meter and floor preparation at $10 per square meter.

Turn Up To Us To Eliminate The Old Vinyls Tiles and Sheet Vinyls

From our end, we take 100% responsibility for our floor stripping and floor preparation standards to guarantee the best possible results. Get in touch with us and let us do the needful to give you the best floor surface.

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