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Carpet Invisible Mending
Carpet Invisible Mending
Carpet Invisible Mending

Crafty Invisible Mending in Perth

Invisible mending is a refined method of joining carpets and vinyls and is only possible if there is spare carpet or vinyl which matches the existing in colour and wear and tear, pattern matching is also important. It is typically used for a damaged carpet or vinyl caused by a burn, snag, accidental scissor cut or anything else.  So, are you experiencing an embarrassing situation where your favorite carpet or vinyl has been has been torn badly or damaged due to a cigarette burn iron burn etc,often moving your refrigerator can rip your vinyl  You may find both weft and warp of the fabric , but don’t despair! We at Perth Carpet Master can get it fixed with invisible mending.

Our methods have been developed over years and are proven to be successful.

Please do not play with the damaged area or walk on it, when the tear is in vinyl as it will get dirty inside the rip. If you do not have spare vinyl it can still be saved as long as you keep it clean and un-tampered with until we arrive.

So, what are waiting for? This is a service that Perth Carpet Master has expertise in. Hurry up and contact us now for invisible mending in Perth!

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