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Vinyl Laying & Repairs
Vinyl Laying & Repairs

Expert Vinyl laying and Vinyl Repairs in Perth

Vinyl Tile, Planks, and Sheet, 2 and 4 meter wide. Perth Carpet Master offer vinyl laying and repair services for commercial and residential needs. We believe proper laying and maintenance can help ensure longevity to the vinyl tile flooring and that’s the reason we lay properly and to your exact specifications.

 Our laying experts have years of experience in the flooring industry and know how to remove the old flooring before laying the vinyl floor . They can handle the removal of heavy appliances and furniture for you as well. After the job is complete, they put the furniture and appliances back in the right positions. Our vinyl flooring job adds beauty to a home.

Bubbles in vinyl are usually caused by the vinyl expanding due to wear and or hot ,cold ,hot ,cold temperatures .A re-trim will fix that problem .Domestic vinyl is not usually glued down these days ,as it has a membrane which stops it from absorbing water and the shape of your room is what holds it in place .If your floor is not level this can cause your vinyl to buckle as well .In which case we can either glue your vinyl down or level your floor .

But if you ever find your vinyl floor torn, scratched, cut or burned after it has been installed beautifully, (even after years), call us immediately. We offer vinyl floor repair service as well. For small cuts and scratches, Perth Carpet Master use liquid vinyl seam sealer.

For Patches to vinyl ,clients need to provide spare vinyl. You can contact us for information about whom you should go to for spare vinyl ,if you do not have any.

So, if you are looking for services such as vinyl laying or vinyl repairs in Perth, call us now!

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