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Upholstery Steam Cleaning
Upholstery Steam Cleaning
Upholstery Steam Cleaning

Complete Carpet and Upholstery Steam Cleaning Solution in Perth

Perth Carpet Master use steam cleaning methods on carpet and upholstery for deep cleaning. In steam cleaning, the water is heated to approx 90 degrees Celsius .

When we use steam for deep cleaning, we make sure to kill upto 99.9% dust mites, which live in the soft surfaces of homes. If you don’t know what these creatures are, it is important for you to know. They are microscopic bugs, which move into the pillows, furniture and carpets and feed off of the dead skin cells of human beings. They are very unhealthy and are a great threat to people suffering from asthma in your home. 

Perth Carpet Master also uses the effect of steam to get rid of nasty odors that emanate from the carpet due to food spills or a pet accident. So, if you want to get rid of foul smells or a stained area of your carpet, use our steam cleaning method. Steaming a carpet can rejuvenate the look ,feel and smell.

To get a good result for our clients ,whilst we have and use all the latest and greatest equipment and chemicals ,it is also about putting our backs into the job ,we spray extra detergent on the really dirty areas and scrub it ,brushing the detergents  right in .Then we spray your carpet with 90 degree water and suck everything out with 24 horses of suction power.

This is our Guarantee : If we can not get it clean ,then no-one can.

Unlike some of our rival cleaning companies, Perth Carpet Master never outsources its jobs to independent contractors who typically get paid a commission and therefore, quote high price quotes. If you select Perth Carpet Master, rest assured, you will be met by a certified in-house technician that's been trained to ensure your satisfaction. So if you are a local resident or a business in the Perth-UBD area, call us today for a free estimate, it's fast, quick, and obligation free.

Perth Carpet Master-hours

We at Perth Carpet Master is open 24/7 to serve you. Call us anytime to get excellent cleaning services. Don't hesitate to call us anytime for emergency services such as water damage restorations.

Perth Master Carpets -Persian Rug Cleaning

Perth Carpet Master treats each Persian rug on an individual basis. Each rug is carefully studied and a experienced technician will select on the most effective technique to clean your rug based on its dye and weave and its condition. Perth Carpet Master does not use chemicals that could cause the dyes to run or fade or machines that could damage the your Persian rug. Once a Perth Carpet Master's technicians examines your rug and decides to use a gentle hand washing for Persian rugs. The technician will make sure that the most effective cleaner will be used but is also safe for your rug. Persian rugs use vegetable dyes and great care must exercised to make sure the cleaner will not affect the carpets dyes. Our organic rug cleaning solutions only contain organic cleaning enzymes that gently clean the rug without harming the dye or fiber of the rug. Our hand washing process will deep clean the rug removing dirt, stains and pet odor as well as restoring the radiance and softness of the rug.

Our hand washing technique will clean and restore the life of your valuable rug. If you are interested in our Persian rug cleaning services, please call us to arrange to chat with one of our technicians about our Persian rug cleaning.

Maintaining Your Oriental Rug

If you want to maintain your oriental area rugs so they are looking their best , there are some easy steps you can follow to preserve their beauty. First, check areas on the rug which get high-volume traffic See if they are beginning to look dingy or worn. If they do then its time to rotate your rug. Rotating your area rugs every year or two is a good way to spread out the wear and tear a rug takes. Rug pads are another easy way to make your oriental rugs wear evenly. They help soak up the wear of foot traffic and also prevent slippage making your rug safer to walk on.

When you decide it time give your oriental rugs a thorough cleaning, Perth Carpet master's rug cleaning service in Perth UBD. They provide an effective yet gentle rug cleaning alternative that is both safe for the environment and your family.

For deep cleaning the soft surfaces of your home thoroughly, use Perth Carpet Master's steam cleaning method.

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