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Step-Wise Wet Carpet Restoration

Step-Wise Wet Carpet Restoration

27 Apr 2022
Wet carpet can happen due to a lot of reasons perhaps willy-willies, pipe burst or washing machine spillage. A wet carpet, when not dried immediately or removed, can not just smell worse than a wet dog but also host mould and other bacteria. Thus, comprehensive cleaning, drying and sanitization work is needed after water damage. Ideally, a wet carpet restoration project is done in some phases to ensure complete comprehensive restoration. We have tried to simplify the process for your convenient understanding.
Accessing the damage:
When you ring a wet carpet restoration service, the first and foremost task that you can expect from their end is a prior inspection. In this pre-inspection process, a wet carpet restoration company will bring in their high-tech moisture meter to check the amount of damage or how far the damage has seeped in. Following this step, an analysis can be made regarding the grade of water damage.
Reporting stage:
In this stage, studying the acquired report from the previous stage, it will be analysed if the carpet can be restored or not. In case the carpet can’t be restored, the service agent will provide you with a substantive report that will allow you to ask for insurance reimbursement. If it can be restored the service agent will let you know about the extent of damage and an estimated amount so that you can start with the insurance paperwork.
Extracting water from the carpet:
Checking in only the carpet or the padding has also fallen victim to the situation, a wet carpet restoring agent will provide act accordingly. Using either a wet or dry vacuum, the water will be extracted from the water-soaked carpet. This stage is necessary to extract the excess water so that no abscess will breed bacterial growth. In case, there has been, in the next stage a wet carpet restoration specialist will sanitize your carpet.
Sanitization Stage:
As we have previously mentioned, wet carpet hosts bacterial growth. This abscess growth happens because bacterias need a wet, warm and dark place to grow. A wet damaged carpet is like a gold mine for bacteria. Thus, a wet carpet restoration treatment agent will apply a good amount of anti-microbial solutions to prevent the growth of bacteria from inhibiting. This sanitization process will ensure your carpet is not just clean but also hygienic.
The last stage before your carpet can be handed over to you. In this phase use a wet carpet restoration agent with the help of drying with linear fans and humidified slowly and steadily dry your carpet. The driers are dedicatedly used to retain the carpet’s fine fibre’s integrity. And not cause additional harm to the sensitive carpet. If you have a fine carpet that needs additional care, you can mention the maximum amount of temperature that can be used by the agent to dry your carpet.
This entire process can take anywhere between 2-3 days, provided you’re quick on your feet to call for a wet carpet restoration specialist. When this entire process is over you’ll receive your carpet installed looking as if it’s brand new. Just remember to call an agent as soon as you can. Or else your carpet can’t be resurrected from its imminent death.

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