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How To Bring Back To Life Your Flooded Carpet

How To Bring Back To Life Your Flooded Carpet

07 Feb 2023

Who doesn’t like to have plush and clean carpets? It makes your house feel warmer and more inviting. The addition of carpet is not just good for comfort but also for aesthetic purposes. A carpet binds your home together. While it makes your home feel and look more comfortable, a broken pipe or leak can ruin it all. Once the carpet is flooded, there is no other option than to change it or go for a flooded carpet restoration service. Since replacing carpets can be quite expensive, thus, it is more practical to opt for a flooded carpet restoration service. Let’s see how the experts can help to bring your carpet back to life:

Understanding The Type Of Water Damage:

When you hire an expert for flooded carpet restoration, the first task they will perform is analysing the type of water damage. There are typically 3 types of water damage that can flood your carpet. The type of water that floods your carpet can affect its restoration process. Thus flooded carpet restoration services need to analyse their type:

Clean water damage: It can occur as a result of rainwater flooding, malfunctioning home appliances, broken water lines, or even a spill caused by you.

Greywater damage: This occurs when water with moderate contaminants enters a dishwasher discharge pipe or a toilet overflow.

Blackwater damage: A carpet that has been contaminated by black water is highly contaminated because black water is typically the result of sewer backups.

Analysing The Extent Of Damage:

After understanding the type of water which has flooded your carpet, it is important to also analyse the extent of the damage. As time goes on the water starts to seep into the carpet’s fabric. Once the water has seeped into the carpet and reached the padding, it can deteriorate its quality quicker. This is why flooder carpet restoration experts need to look into the extent of damage before promising any restoration service.

Extracting Water:

Once all the analysing and studying are over, the real operational task begins. Extracting the water out of the carpet is the first step in restoring a flooded carpet. Using suctioning devices, the expert will extract the excess water from the carpet. It will prevent the water from deteriorating carpet quality and quicken the drying process.

Drying The Carpet:

After the flooded carpet restorer has removed as much water as possible from the carpet, through open windows, turning on the overhead fans to promote air circulation and aid in the drying process. Dehumidifiers are also used, the flood restoration company will strategically place them and conduct several flood check visits to ensure the area is drying evenly and properly. Remove the carpet from the floor if possible, as this helps to slow mould growth.

Replacing The Padding:

While your carpet may be salvageable, water damage to your carpet padding can be disastrous. Drying it is not always possible. In this case, padding replacement is the best option. A flooded carpet restoration service can offer the best help in this department.

These are some of the steps that are used by a flooded carpet restoration service. By implementing these steps they can help work on reviving the quality of your carpet. Even after drying the carpet, a lot more can be done to bring the carpet back to its original state.

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