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Step-By-Step Method To Strip and Prepare Vinyl Flooring

Step-By-Step Method To Strip and Prepare Vinyl Flooring

12 Aug 2022

A little change goes a long way when it comes to home renovation. A change like the flooring can make a massive difference to the place. It can make the old house feel completely new. But what about the flooring already installed? What to do with it? If you have vinyl flooring installed. The pre-existing vinyl flooring must be removed using methods like floor stripping. Then followed by the floor preparation method, ahead of installing a new type of flooring. For this, you can contact any good floor stripping and preparation service personnel in Perth. But before you call for help, let’s look at the steps to follow for complete vinyl flooring stripping and preparation. This will prepare you better ahead of services, for your convenience.

Step 1:

Acquiring all the requisite instruments for the job at hand. For floor stripping and preparation, you would need the following tools – Chisel, Pliers, Flat pry bar, Utility knife, Putty knife, and Floor scraper. Start clearing the room of all heavy objects leaving the floor all empty for floor stripping and floor prepping work to start.

Step 2:

In the next step of floor stripping and prepping the messy work starts. Remove all of the baseboards in your room before removing the flooring. Mark the back of each piece with its position if you intend to replace it after your new floor is installed.

Starting in a corner, wiggle your pry bar or chisel between the baseboard and the wall. To avoid scratching the wall, place a piece of wood or cardboard behind your tool. Use Pry to get the board away from the wall, be careful. Once you can reach them, use your pliers to remove any nails. If you intend to reuse the baseboards, tuck them away for future usage.

Step 3:

Vinyl is often simply glued down along the room's perimeter. This simplifies the majority of the floor stripping process. Cut through the vinyl 10 inches from the wall with your utility knife, proceeding parallel to the wall around the perimeter of the space. Cut the cut-away centre into strips with a utility knife. Keep the strips around 18 inches wide and a few feet long to avoid them becoming too heavy and awkward to take out of the room. As you proceed, throw the flooring strips into your dumpster.

Step 4:

Now comes the part of stripping the pre-existing vinyl flooring. It is best to work in sections for this process of vinyl floor stripping, using a pry bar the edges are loosened from the floor. In places where the adhesive has fixed the vinyl with flooring, using a putty knife and chisel cut away the adhesive. If the adhesive has loosened its grip, tug the vinyl sheet to remove it from the floor. Cut loose the few strips with a utility knife to clear the floor. This step is repeated until the entire section is clear.

Step 5:

Here, with a floor scrapper, the remaining adhesive is removed. This is one of the major floor preparation steps after floor stripping to install the next flooring.

These are the primary procedures involved in booking a floor stripping and preparing service in Perth to remove old vinyl flooring. When the old flooring has been entirely removed, the floor is ready for the installation of the new flooring.

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