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Why do tough carpet stains come back?

Why do tough carpet stains come back?

06 Apr 2022

There are several reasons why stains reappear after steam cleaning and, in some cases, expert cleaning. The most prevalent reason for persistent stains is a phenomenon known as "wicking." When the cloth is submerged in liquid, it starts rising to the top. If the liquid is coloured (as in a stain), the fabric ultimately absorbs it and reveals the colour. In elementary school, most kids would do this as a science experiment by putting a candle wick, strip of fabric, experimenting with food colouring – according to commercial cleaning services professionals in Perth

How do carpets “wick” stains?
To cause this staining problem, the stain must penetrate deep into the carpet or into the padding beneath the carpet. Even after the carpet has been thoroughly cleaned, if the stain is so deep, the carpet fibres may wick the tough stain from underneath and bring it to the surface. 
Wicking stains are those that are caused by a big volume of liquid that cannot be rapidly or completely cleaned before soaking the backside & pad beneath the carpet. Pet urine stains are a prevalent sort of stain that causes this problem since they are generally caused by larger liquid volumes & are not discovered right away. Cleaning these stains typically makes them worse, because most people try to spot clean by adding extra liquid in the form of cleansers. The extra liquid causes more of it to sink into the cushioning and backing, or even expand and spread.
How to get rid of wicking stains?
When this happens, a simple way to do this is to use towels and fans to absorb as much liquid as possible. When using a carpet cleaner, be cautious and sparing. Larger volumes of liquid can be removed with the aid of a wet-dry vacuum. The only genuine remedy, in the end, is to have the area professionally cleaned. Professional commercial cleaning firms with high-grade equipment can add enough water to dilute the carpet stain & spills and eliminate enough water from deep into the carpet to ensure that the stain is cleaned and does not reappear. Even the most respected cleaning service may not be able to completely remove particularly nasty stains with a single cleaning.
Many stains reappear owing to residual, rather than wicking. This is mainly due to people's good intentions in attempting to remove stains with DIY carpet cleaners. So, to prevent wicking, hiring carpet cleaning professionals is necessary.

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