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Flooded Carpet: What To Do While Waiting For A Professional?

Flooded Carpet: What To Do While Waiting For A Professional?

24 Jan 2018

When a flood occurs in an area or in a particular property, there is always a big gap until professional help arrives. Whatever be the source of the water, it is a good idea to call the professionals, as apart from treating the mess they can also detect the flaw easily.


Your primary concern with flooding should always be your own safety. Buildings can be replaced. People are not. For this reason avoid wading through standing water without having proper safety gear, as there are many health risks including possible electrical shock from submerged wire lines or and water borne bacteria. Water-tight rubber boots are a great option in such circumstances. However, as per the experts, water damage restorations must always be dealt with the help of professionals without showing even a bit of interest in the DIY.


If standing water is not that problem, then you must look for a decent airflow through the house. This becomes easier if the property is located in a dry area or climate. Open as many windows and doors you can to get a decent airflow throughout the house.

Switch on the fans. This can be extremely useful for the drying process. Chances are you don’t have professional grade drying fans, but even just the application of household fans to blow moist air out of doors and windows can be extremely useful. Be careful while switching on the fans in case of short circuits.


If carpet, upholstered furniture or any type of fabric is exposed to water damage, chances are that it won’t be salvageable. If you have any at-risk items that are yet to be affected by water damage, try and move them outside, as prolonged exposure to wet environments can likely have a negative effect on these items. In terms of carpets, it is a good idea to leave them as they are until the professional cleaners arrive. This is because often times (in case of flooded floor) insects can be hiding underneath.

Get Professional Help

The most important thing to remember in the event of a flood as that professional help will always be the best way to prevent further damage and loss. Contact a water damage restorer as soon as possible because, even the most minor flood can cause severe damage if not dealt with immediately.

Getting the help of professionals is ideal when it comes to wet and damaged carpet flooring.

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