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4 Unwanted Elements That Affect A House Carpet

4 Unwanted Elements That Affect A House Carpet

12 Aug 2021 1

A house carpet is a room decorating item that provides comfort and adds value to your living rooms. However, if you don't take care of your carpet, some harmful and unwanted elements will attack your carpet and make it dirty. A dirty carpet is annoying and it can lead to several health problems. In this blog, we are going to find 4 common elements that may affect your favourite carpet.

Dust & Dirt:

Dust and dirt both are common enemies of house carpets. If you don't maintain your carpet properly, dust, dirt, allergens, pollen and microparticles are deeply trapped inside the carpet fibres. Dirty house carpets are harmful to the room environment. It damages the room air quality also and increases many health issues. To keep the carpet clean, professional vacuuming can be beneficial.

Stains and Spills:

It's very natural to see your carpet is covered by unwanted stains and spills like tea, coffee, alcohol, blood, pet's urine, etc. These are common harmful elements that are deeply absorbed inside the carpet fibre. Unwanted stains and trapped spills can damage the internal fibres of a carpet. Proper cleaning and restoration help to keep the carpet stain free. Deep cleaning solutions like steam cleaning or carpet shampooing are required to remove stains and spills from the carpets.

Flood Water:

Water is one of the harmful elements for house carpets. Floods due to heavy rains & internal pipe leaks may lead to water damaged carpets. Water can badly destroy the quality of the carpet fibre. Apart from that, water damaged carpets or flooded carpets are the breeding ground for mould and mildew. They are also harmful to the children as they can create many health issues. So, restoring the water damaged carpets is extremely essential. Flooded carpet restoration helps to keep your carpet fresh. The overall lifespan of the carpet is also increased.

Germs and Bacteria:

Last but not the least, germs and bacteria also make carpets dirty. As they generally come from the trapped stains and spills. Germs may lead to several health problems. So, if you are too busy to clean your carpets regularly, call the professionals near you. Experts suggest steam cleaning to remove inner germs and bacteria from the carpets.

The importance of professional carpet cleaning is huge. It doesn't only keep these elements away from your carpets but it also increases the lifespan of your carpet.


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