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Why Should Your Office's Data Centre Be Kept Clean All Time? 3 Reasons For You!

Why Should Your Office's Data Centre Be Kept Clean All Time? 3 Reasons For You!

03 Jun 2019

The data centre or server room, as it is called happens to be one of the most important rooms in your company. The employees as well as customers rely on the performance of the data centre 24/7, 365 days. As such any downtime can seriously disrupt the entire flow of your business. So, what you can do is look for ways that would keep your data centre run longer. How about getting in touch with a Commercial Cleaning company who can take the entire job responsibility of keeping your server room clean and spotless? Actually dust & debris can wreak havoc on the server room hardware and thus keeping the server room clean all time is of utmost importance.

Cleanliness Improves The Longevity And Performance Of The Equipment

The hardware in the server room runs all the time, with every machine drawing in air for cooling the internal parts. When dust, dirt and debris are present in the air, they all get drawn into the machine during cooling. This can cause a lot of damage. Accumulation of dust may insulate the machines & hamper the process of natural heat transfer causing the equipment to be overheated. Moreover, debris and dust are usually corrosive, which means dust would corrode the internal parts & circuitry reducing the life-cycles of the equipment.

Cleaning Regularly Reduces The Downtime

A business would experience a lengthy downtime & delay if the machines require to be replaced or do not cool properly. After all, downtimes can be a costly affair. Studies say that data centre downtimes can cost a business an average of about $5,600 per minute lost revenue, lost productivity & repairs. On the other hand, regular cleaning of the server room may help in reducing the downtime. Why? Here are the reasons:

    • Regular cleaning actually improves the equipment's efficiency/performance

    • Dust reduction enhances the life cycles of the equipment

    • Removing of the debris/dust helps in identifying the problems before they become an issue

Unclean And Dirty Environments Attract Rodents

The rodents happen to be a big source of contamination in data centres. They are often found to cause expensive damage as well as downtime. For example, in 2012, the server room of Yahoo faced squirrel infestation due to which they spent many days offline. An area that needs special attention is underfloor plenum. This place may be the highway for rodents like mice, rats and others causing contamination and damage to the equipment. However, with regular cleaning of the underfloor area, there would be no contamination issue and any rodent problem can even be detected earlier.

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