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What are the types of carpet cleaning services?

What are the types of carpet cleaning services?

08 Jun 2021

Dust, dirt, stains, spills and allergens are deeply trapped into the carpet make it dirty. Dirty carpets are the breeding grounds of bacteria the air quality is also affected badly. To clean the carpets, professional cleaning services should be considered. In this blog, we are going to discuss different types of carpet cleaning services.

Types of carpet cleaning services:

There are two types of carpet cleaning services offered by professionals in Perth. They include residential carpet cleaning commercial carpet cleaning services. Let's discuss them in brief.

Residential carpet cleaning services:

As the name suggests, the professionals provide services to clean residential or domestic carpets. Residential carpets can be damaged by dust, dirt, stains other elements. Experts clean the carpets professionally in the following ways.


Vacuuming is the most economical way to clean carpets and rugs. This is a simple and fast process recommended by professionals. It helps to remove all kinds of surface dust and keep the carpet fresh for a long time.

Steam washing:

Steam cleaning is the most powerful domestic carpet cleaning process. Professionals use high-quality steam cleaners to clean dirty carpets. This is an eco-friendly cleaning process that can remove tough stains spills like tea, coffee alcohol from the carpet fabrics. It has a 99% germ killing capacity.

Commercial carpet cleaning services:

Commercial or office carpets can be damaged by regular wear and tear, dust, dirt, spills other particles. Professionals generally offer the following methods to clean dirty office carpets.


Vacuuming is a process that is used for both residential and commercial carpets. Like domestic carpets, vacuuming also helps to remove surface dust. However, this cleaning process is not very effective.

Steam cleaning :

>Steam cleaning is also a versatile cleaning process. According to the professionals, steam cleaning is highly essential for commercial or office carpets. They suggest cleaning the office carpets with the steam washer at least twice a year. It helps to extend the carpet life.

Carpet shampooing:

Many professionals in Perth prefer carpet shampooing for cleaning office carpets. This is also an effective process that can remove germs and bacteria from the carpet fibres. The overall life of the carpet can also be extended by the carpet shampooing process.

Some essential carpet cleaning tips:

Vacuuming the carpets regularly

Call professionals for deep carpet cleaning

Always use eco-friendly carpet cleaners

Never use toxic chemicals for cleaning

Whether it's a commercial carpet or residential carpet, it should be washed cleaned after a certain time. Proper cleaning helps to keep the carpet beautiful long-lasting.

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