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What Are The Different Types Of Cleaning Services?

What Are The Different Types Of Cleaning Services?

24 Dec 2019

Many companies in Perth and its suburbs offer house & commercial cleaning services at a reasonable price. Experts at these companies are licensed, insured and well trained for carrying out several houses and commercial cleaning solutions. They always use eco-friendly and advanced cleaners in their services. Here are some cleaning services they mostly offer.

House Cleaning Services

Many cleaning experts in Perth offer effective house cleaning services at a low cost. House cleaning includes dusting, vacuuming, spring cleaning, mopping, soft & hard floor care, grout & tile cleaning, high-pressure washing, general maintenance etc. They always use advanced cleaning tools and domestic cleaner. Experts offer their services daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Restaurant Cleaning Services

Expert cleaning is essential to keep a restaurant clean and organised. A dirty and uncleaned restaurant never attracts customers. Restaurant cleaning generally comes under commercial cleaning service. Experts mostly focus on major parts of a restaurant like a kitchen wall, kitchen floor, countertops, restaurant floor, chairs and tables. A restaurant’s kitchen is the dirtiest place. So, proper maintenance is necessary.

Medical Office Cleaning

A medical office or a laboratory should be cleaned properly. Experts or professionals always use proper cleaner to keep the clinic germless and bacteria-free. They make the environment of the office very healthier. They vacuum the floor and upholstery by using a vacuum cleaner. After that, remove any kind of stains and clean with proper cleaning solutions

Office Cleaning

Experts effectively clean every portion of an office such as office floor, carpet, employee’s desk, bathrooms, kitchens, parking areas etc. They used the advanced vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet and use specific floor cleaner to wash the floor. Experts also take care of the office desks and cabinets. An unorganised and dirty office never improves the working environment. It can also affect an employee’s health. So, expert office cleaning is necessary. Professionals also use high-pressure cleaning to wash the office basement and car parking area.

Post-Construction Cleaning

Professionals are also expert in post-construction cleaning. This task mainly includes cleaning out construction debris such as scraps, loose boards from internal structure, sweeping the floors, washing the windows. Dusting is also included in the post-construction cleaning. Their cleaning process is divided into 3 steps: rough cleaning, final cleaning and touch up cleaning.

Cleaning experts always focus on their customer needs. They offer cost-effective and eco-friendly services every time. So, if you want to clean home or office then call a reputable cleaning company in Perth like Perth Carpet Master.

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