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Top 7 Things Most Businesses Forget To Clean

Top 7 Things Most Businesses Forget To Clean

11 Jul 2019

It is no secret that cleaning may be a chore and that even after window washing, vacuuming and dusting, there are many areas in the workplace, which often get overlooked. While those might not be noticed by those people who work in the office every day, probabilities are they will be glaringly obvious to the potential customers and guests who visit, leaving a bad impression. Whether you clean it yourself or hire a professional cleaner for cleaning, make sure these places are cleaned in your office. 

Doorknobs & Switch Plates 

These are touched an innumerable number of times all through the day. They become dirty not just by dust & grime but even by harmful germs from employees or visitors. If they aren't cleaned effectively & routinely, there is a probability of the disease being spread. 

Furniture & Upholstery 

When you turn your cushion that placed on the sofa by your front desk, you may be shocked to see the amount of dirt & dust accumulated over time. Basically, what's visible on front size is cleaned & well maintained. However, germs may still live below. A business can avoid this embarrassment by hiring the best Commercial Cleaning Services in Perth.

Behind The Printers 

Next time you print out a document, have a look at the printer very closely. Look behind it & in the small crevices. What you would see may simply alarm you. The modern printers usually generate minuscule particles that gather around devices, without proper cleaning by a professional these particles may build up and can even damage the functionality of the printing machine.

Picture Frames 

The picture frames that are usually hung on the walls of an office do have a grimy film or small fingerprints, which accumulate over time. They are often overlooked and need careful cleaning by professional cleaners.


The walls behind the open doors as well as some office spaces that do not see much foot traffic may collect some dust particles. And walls with wallpaper or texture have even more dust attached. Only professional and reliable Commercial Cleaning Companies would ensure to clean them thoroughly.

Stairs & Elevators

Elevators and stairs attract the maximum foot traffic and accumulate a lot of dirt & filth from the shoes. This holds true especially in winter days when snow residue happens to be the frequent culprit.

Light Fixtures

Dust is gathered on light fixtures over time and that dulls their shine and causes health problems for the employees, particularly those with asthma or allergies. Moreover, bugs to get attracted to these fixtures resulting in dead bugs being found in & around them. And to be very frank, none in the office would want to deal with these creepy things.

If you hire a professional cleaning company in Perth, you can be sure that your office would remain spick and span every time and that these areas won't be overlooked. So, hire a cleaner for your commercial cleaning. Perth Carpet Master is always ready to help you with their services.

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