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The Perfect Solution For Carpet Finishing

The Perfect Solution For Carpet Finishing

27 Nov 2017 1

Utilising the offcuts of a carpet after it has been laid is a smart choice. Usually they are thrown away or used as an outdoor mat for pets. Let's look at a useful way to save your expenses by utilising these frayed edges.

First of all, it is important to know that the method is often called carpet overlocking.

What Is Carpet Overlocking?

Carpets come in standard widths and are cut to size to fit the room. If you're lucky enough, your room may be the width of the carpet and there will be very little waste. But in most of the cases you can end up with offcuts. Offcuts can be perfect for use in high traffic areas, under your desk or anywhere else you need a length of carpet, but don't want it to cover the entire floor.

The Process

The process of carpet overlocking is simply sewing a border around the edges of the carpet. This prevents fraying and gives the same a stylish look. Overlocking is similar to carpet patching which is being served by some of the most experienced professionals who provide a number of carpet repairing services in Western Australia.

The only difference with the latter is that it's the process of patching a damaged surface on the carpet by taking out the same material from an unmarred surface. The process is done in such a unique manner that the patchwork cannot be recognised with open eyes or if not pointed.

Other Types


Binding is the easiest and least expensive method of finishing a carpet edge. It involves wrapping the strip of fabric around the edge and stitching it in place. The benefits of binding are relatively low cost and a vast selection of binding is available.


Serging resembles a thick fibre that is wrapped around the edge of the carpet continuously. It is often considered to provide a higher-end look than binding. It is available in a wide array of colours, but is a bit expensive than binding.


Fringing is a common finishing which can be seen on carpet laid in bedrooms. It looks like a series of strings coming out from the edges of a carpet. This type of carpet is often laid just in front of the bed to land on it after a good night's sleep.

The last three forms of carpet finish are ready made, but overlocking and carpet patching are different methods applied to cater to specific carpet worn-out needs.If you found this post useful, then make sure to stay connected to our blog space for more such interesting updates.


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