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Simple Steps for Repairing the Damaged Vinyl Floors

Simple Steps for Repairing the Damaged Vinyl Floors

24 Mar 2021

Vinyl flooring had gained popularity in Perth owing to its features like affordability and durability. But the material can be easily gouged when the sharp objects drop off or when a chair or table is slid back, then the material encounters a snag and rip. At the same time, if a lady walks over them wearing high heels, then the vinyl flooring is sure to get punctures when the slightest void will be under the subfloor. Nevertheless, professional vinyl floor repairing even exist as the most feasible option where the professionals introduce and apply the necessary repairing tools to get the vinyl floors repaired.

The discussion will highlight how the vinyl repairs professional experts in Perth tend to the repairing and restoration needs of the vinyl floor varieties like vinyl tiles and sheet vinyl.

i. The very first step is Damage Evaluation

The vinyl floor types and the nature of its damage determine the repairing methods. For the vinyl tiles, the professionals work on repairing the damaged tiles. Conversely, for the sheet vinyl, the experts patch in the new material in order to fuse the surface to mend the damage. When they find small cuts and scratches, then these are permanently fused with the liquid seam sealers. Then, they use a lacquer thinner dipped soft cloth, that is further squeezed in the sealers' thin bead to clean the region. As soon as the sealer dries up, the repairs become invisible.

If the professional vinyl floor repairers find tears and burns, then they cut out the damaged part and apply glue to attach the replacement patch. This particular task requires additional and identical flooring, backed by the technique termed double cutting.

ii. Vinyl Patching

The next important step is to patch the sheet vinyl. The vinyl floor repairing specialists rely on the double cutting technique to repair the floors. Therefore, they begin by taping the replacement patch over the vinyl floors’  damaged parts. Then, they make sure that they have placed the patch for the patterns to math exactly as does the existing vinyl flooring patterns.

The patch is placed carefully by positioning a straight edge on the patch's top and then it is lined up in one of the lines' centers. After that, they use a utility knife to cut along the vinyl floors' straight edge through the patch and flooring.

In this process, they usually make use of totally new blades while holding the knife in a vertical position. All the remaining cuts are made around the very patch similar to cutting along the flooring's pattern lines. The patch is then removed and the damaged section peeled up. In case, the floor is perimeter bonded, then the vinyl piece will easily come up like it has not been glued down. But if it has completely adhered, then the vinyl must be scrapped up, and the experts get it done using a putty knife or scraper. They spread the mastic onto the plywood subfloor using a notched trowel for moving further. The flooring surrounding the cut-out is lifted up on the perimeter-bonded floors and mastic is spread under the edges. Next, the patch is pressed into place and covered up using wax papers. Using a few heavy objects, they weigh it there. The mastic is given one day for drying up. Later, a liquid seam sealer is used for all the joints surrounding the patch. In the end, it will be difficult to detect the result.

Repairing the vinyl flooring might seem is a DIY task, but the reality is otherwise. Only the professional vinyl repairing experts can handle the task since they own all the professional implements and know the process to get the repairs and fixes done. As they are aware of the methods to handle the vinyl repairs based on the vinyl floor types, they can be safely relied upon for quality services. With their help, the repaired vinyl floors will look so good as new.

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