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How To Protect Water Damaged Carpet?

How To Protect Water Damaged Carpet?

04 Dec 2018

If you recently have any water damage at your home, be it a small leak or a major flood, there is a great chance that mould can grow on your carpet. Very little moisture is needed for mould to become harmful and start to spread. Mould is responsible for several issues, like the repertory issues and fungal infections. Below are some tips following which you can prevent your carpet from getting water damage.

How Do You Dry Carpet?

You can make use of wet-vac to dry your carpet, however, the process is quite expensive and time-consuming as well. If you are planning to vacuum your carpet, then you will have to use long stroke with numerous passes to dry the carpet. If you want you can try out some better alternatives, blowers or dehumidifiers can help you in drying out your carpet pretty fast and they are cost -effective too. All these means are only applicable in case if you have any carpet without a pad.

What To Do With Carpet Padding?

You will not be able to use the same padding if the carpet gets wet. Think of the carpet padding as a giant sponge, it generally soaks all the water and never gets dried up. And this dampness lead to the growth of mould and mildew, also the moisture is also responsible for odour and unsafe conditions. So, if you have a pad, pull up the wet carpet first and then remove the pad underneath it. Then use all the drying means discussed above. If you find carpet cleaning is a daunting task, then you can seek help from the domestic cleaning experts. With the aid of a professional cleaner, you can clean and restore your water damaged carpet with ease.

Will Bleaching Carpets Work?

Once you dried up your carpet, make sure you clean your carpet, so that no germs or contaminants linger in the wet carpet. You will probably want to use an antimicrobial cleaner to prevent the mould growth. Bleaching is not the best option since it can damage the back of the flooring and the carpeting underneath. Bleaching can cause serious damage to your carpet fibres and can fade its colour. So, you should take help from the professional cleaners to protect your water damaged carpet.

How Long It Takes To Grow Mould?

Mould generally grows on the carpet after water damage or flooding occurred. Generally, mould forms due to delamination, it is a process in which water weakens and loosens the glue. In this way, the carpet fibres separate and create a space for mould formation. It typically takes 24 hours to 48 hours for the formation of mould on a wet carpet. Initially you will not see it, however, after a week or two, it becomes visible. In the case of mould growth, you will need to restore your carpet, so must contact professional carpet cleaners. They will clean and restore your carpet back to its pristine form.

In the above ways, you can treat mould and can protect your water damaged carpet. If you want carpet restoration services for yourself, hire a cleaner now. You can find many of them in Perth, select the one whom you feel convenient.

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