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How To Clean The Kitchen Floor Of Your Restaurant?

How To Clean The Kitchen Floor Of Your Restaurant?

04 Nov 2019

The floor of your restaurant’s kitchen is a very dirty place. To maintain its hygiene, proper cleaning is very much essential. If you do not clean the floor then many germs will spread. For cleaning, you need to follow some simple steps.

Gather All Cleaning Tools

Before starting the cleaning operation, you need to gather some Commercial Cleaning tools and supplies such as mopper, dustpan, vacuum cleaner, stain cleaner, cleaning solution etc. These supplies are very cost-effective and widely available in the market.

Clean The Surface Dust

It is the first step of the restaurant’s kitchen floor cleaning. At first, you need to clean the all surface dust by using a floor duster and collect them into a dustpan properly. You have to clean the nook and corner of the kitchen.


A restaurant kitchen is a very dirty place. So, initial cleaning is not enough for removing all surface dust. To remove all dust and grim, you need to clean the surface by using a vacuum cleaner.

Remove The Stains

Food stains are common in a restaurant’s kitchen. So, this step is highly essential for you. In this step, you need to get rid of all kinds of food stains by using a special stain remover. It can easily remove unwanted stains from the floor. You just need to apply it on the stained area and rub it properly.

Prepare A Solution

Once you have removed all surface dust from the kitchen floor, you need to make a floor cleaning solution. To do this, you will need white vinegar or neutral pH cleaner and water. You have to choose the cleaning agent based on your floor. White vinegar is very ideal for porcelain, vinyl and cork floor whereas if your kitchen floor is made of wood then definitely go for neutral pH cleaner. At first, you need to mix a certain amount of cleaning agent with water in a bucket and then make the cleaning solution.

Mop The Floor With The Solution

After making the solution, you need to apply on the floor. So, firstly, dip a mopper into the solution and then mop the entire floor gently. Don’t use excess solution to clean a small area. Mopping helps to eliminate all germs and bacteria from the surface. After that, wait for drying completely.

In this way, you can clean the kitchen floor of your restaurant. If you are unable to clean it all by yourself then, hire Commercial Cleaning Experts in Perth. They will take care of your kitchen.

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