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Flooded Carpet Restoration Process

Flooded Carpet Restoration Process

14 Mar 2019

If your home has recently experienced water damage due to flooding, the flooded carpet restoration is the first thing that has to keep in mind. Water normally results damaging in some levels when it meets the carpet in your home. There are many people who are likely to fully replace this aspect of the flooring, there are others who would rather repair the carpet that they have and use thoroughly.

It is quite possible and easy to do.

Finding The sources

If you are thinking to repair the carpet after it has been subjected to flooding, it is important to consider whether the restoration process is possible or not. This will basically determine by carefully analyzing the root cause of the flood which initially damaged the flooring.

If the water source is natural, such as rain or lake flooding, it is often safe to attempt restoration. If the reason is broken leaking pipes in the home, it is safe to restore just so long as those pipes are not related to sewer and/or toilet plumbing.


After locating the source of the flooding, it is important to repair any and all areas as per the requirement. To restore the carpet it is must to do, and test out the maintenance to confirm for eliminating the problem completely.


After confirming this step, you may begin the carpet restoration process. For this, get a vacuum cleaner which can be used properly to vacuum up water. You should examine the carpet at least a couple of times to check that all the excess water has been completely lifted from the carpet.

The Whole Process

Once all these things are done, purchase a good cleaner that has disinfectant properties. Mix those properties thoroughly with a small amount of bleach. Ensure that the chemicals are safe to mix together. Then scrub each and every area of the floor with the solution. Take out the padding from underneath the carpet and replace it with new padding. This is the place where most of the water is preserved. After placing down the new pad, run a heavy fan on the area to make it dry.

When water damage occurs, the flooded carpet restoration is needed cause it absorbs a large amount of water. This will lead to a large number of bacterias and viruses in houses or business apartments. Choosing the most suitable restoration method for the particular carpet cleaning situation is very important. If you can't handle it anymore, get in touch with a water damage restorer for professional help. And they will guide you from giving the best guide to restoring the damage.

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