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Different Types Of Carpet Cleaning Techniques And Their Advantages

Different Types Of Carpet Cleaning Techniques And Their Advantages

05 Aug 2019
There are different methods to Clean Commercial Carpets. They include dry cleaning, encapsulation method, bonnet cleaning and many more. These processes are widely followed by carpet cleaning professionals. In this blog, you will know what are the most common types of Carpet Cleaning methods and the advantages of using them.
Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Hot water extraction or steam cleaning involves cleaning carpets in high pressurized water with 100 degree Celsius. This is a very common carpet cleaning technique that is followed by professionals. In this process, highly pressurized warm water can disinfect the carpet fibre and dissolve dirt. Moreover, high temperature can easily kill bacteria and germs. An average size carpet (office carpets) would generally take about 1 hour to clean and take at least 3 to 4 hours to completely dry. The hot water extraction method is highly recommended by carpet cleaning experts.

    • Its a deeper cleaning technique
    • Environmental friendly and non-toxic
    • The chemical-free carpet cleaning process
    • Very much cost-effective
    • Moisture quickly evaporates
Encapsulation Method

Encapsulation method is generally used for commercial carpet and low pile. In this process, firstly,  the carpet is properly vacuumed and then the chemical is gently applied. Once done, the carpet is placed into an agitation rotary machine. Here, the chemical isolates the dirt and impurities from the carpet. Encapsulation method is similar to the dry powder cleaning. This process is expensive and it provides excellent agitation.

    • Quick-drying time. It takes less than one hour to clean the carpet.
    • Deep cleaning
    • Highly cost-effective
    • Reduces the wicking possibility
    • It can easily extend the life of a carpet
Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is also commonly known as an absorbent pad cleaning method. It can be used for daily carpet cleaning. The bonnet cleaning process is very simple. In this method, the carpet is firstly vacuumed, and after that, a cleaning solution is gently sprayed on to it with an electric or hand sprayer. The bonnet or absorbent pad looks like a towel and this is generally placed in a rotary machine and start spinning over the carpet at 100 to 400 RPM. During this process, the solution removes dirt and impurities from the carpet fibre.

    • The little amount of water is used.
    • Quick-drying process.
    • Very cost-effective.
    • It is a very simple process.
    • Rotary brushes offer great agitation.

These are the most common types of carpet cleaning techniques that are widely recommended by carpet cleaning professionals. All these commercial cleaning processes are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. In Perth, if you need to clean your carpets professionally then you should opt for Commercial Cleaning Services as soon as possible.

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