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5 Popular Commercial Cleaning Agents Used by Professionals

5 Popular Commercial Cleaning Agents Used by Professionals

10 Feb 2021

Cleaning agents are used to removing dirt and spills from the surfaces. They are used in several commercial cleaning methods such as mopping, washing, degreasing, etc. Cleaning agents come with a number of benefits. Professionals prefer to use eco-frindly and advanced cleaning agents in their cleaning projects.


The detergent is the most popular cleaning agent widely used in commercial cleaning services in Perth. These cleaning agents can effectively remove trapped soil or dirt from the carpets and floors. However, synthetic detergents are generally used to clean all kinds of commercial kitchens in Perth. These detergents are mainly made of petroleum compounds. Detergents are available in the form of powder, crystals, liquid or gel.


As the name suggests, steam is the most eco-friendly cleaning agent used by commercial cleaning professionals in Perth. Steam cleaning is the most recommended and powerful cleaning technique used to clean carpets and upholstery. Steam also prevent pests and spills from entering your workplace. According to experts, steam cleaning has 99.9% of germ-killing capacity. 

All kinds of allergic reactions can also be removed by steam cleaning. In this process, no other chemicals are used. It keeps the carpet and fabric completely fresh and extends its life.


Abrasives are common chemicals or substances that mainly depend on scrubbing or rubbing action to remove dirt and spills from the hard surfaces. Abrasives are also considered as the commercial kitchen cleaners specially used for cleaning pots, pans, countertops and floors. However, abrasive can not be ideal for some materials like stainless steel or plastic as it may scratch on the surfaces.


Degreasers are common solvent cleaners specially used to take out grease and tough stains from the hard surfaces like countertops, oven tops, grill backsplashes, etc. In the past, white spirit or Methylated spirit are generally used as commercial degreasers. Nowadays, reputable cleaning companies in Perth prefer to use non-fuming, non-toxic and eco-friendly degreasers for preventing chemical contamination.


Last but not the least, an acid is the most powerful cleaning agent widely used for commercial cleaning purposes. However, acid cleaners have some limitations. If the acid cleaners aren't properly diluted, they can be highly corrosive & poisonous. Basically, commercial acid cleaners are used to take out mineral deposits. They are ideal for cleaning the dishwasher and for removing deep dirt from bathrooms.

Nowadays, reputable cleaning companies in Perth are highly concerned about the environment.

So, they generally prefer eco-friendly cleaning agents like steam to clean residential and commercial properties.

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