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5 Myths On Restore Carpets From Water Damage Through Cleaning

5 Myths On Restore Carpets From Water Damage Through Cleaning

04 Mar 2020

Carpet is a very essential part of our room. It gives comfort and improves the beauty. A carpet can be damaged by many reasons but the problem is that many homeowners do not know the proper way to clean their carpets. There are several myths about carpet cleaning or restoration. 5 of them are explained below.

Flooded Carpets Dry Themselves

Another biggest myth is that water damaged carpets can dry themselves. This is because many homeowners do not pay proper attention to their flooded carpet. A carpet can be badly damaged by water and it needs to be treated and cleaned professionally. So, it’s essential to hire Water Damage Restorations experts in Perth. Experts can only deal with the Flooded Carpets with their advanced tools and techniques.

Weekly Vacuuming Is Enough

One of the biggest carpet cleaning myths is that weekly vacuuming is enough to keep it long-lasting and fresh. Most of the people in Perth vacuum their carpets instead of professional cleaning services. Vacuuming is essential but it is not the ultimate solution to maintain its looks. A vacuum cleaner can remove the surface dust only but it is not ideal for deep cleaning. So, vacuuming never makes a carpet completely dust-free.

Steam Cleaning Isn’t Ideal For Carpets

Many homeowners in Perth think that steam cleaning is not ideal for cleaning their carpets but they are wrong. Every carpet cleaning experts and professionals recommend steam cleaning. It is a deep carpet cleaning technique. It helps to remove germs and bacteria from the carpet fibre. Steam cleaning can bring back the original look of the carpet.

No Need To Clean Stain-Proof Carpets

Most of the people in Perth invest their money on stain-proof carpets because they think stain-proof carpets never require cleaning or vacuuming. Unfortunately, it is a big myth because dust, dirt, and debris are also trapped in these carpets. Apart from that, stain-proof carpets also absorb many tough stains or spills. So, they need to be cleaned by professionals.

DIY Cleaning Is Better Than Expert Cleaning

Last but not the least, many carpet owners accept DIY cleaning techniques for cleaning their carpets because they think professional cleaning service is very expensive and it doesn’t give proper results. However, many companies in Perth offer carpet cleaning solutions at an affordable rate. Experts also use the best product to clean a carpet.

So, these are the myths about carpet cleaning or restoration. Carpet cleaning is very time consuming and it requires several things. So, hiring professionals is highly beneficial.

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