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5 Essential Tips for Drying Wet Carpets

5 Essential Tips for Drying Wet Carpets

18 Jan 2021

A carpet can be damaged by water badly. To restore back the original beauty of the carpet, wet carpet restoration should be considered. Wet carpet restoration is a popular process recommended by professionals. In this blog, we are going to discuss some essential tips for drying wet carpets.

Reduce the moisture

Reducing the moisture is the most essential part of flooded carpet restoration service. For this step, professional carpet restorers consider an advanced wet vacuum cleaner. These vacuum cleaners are perfect for taking out moisture from the carpet. Operating the wet vacuum cleaner is easy. It requires very low maintenance. Moisture reduction is a less expensive process.

Remove your furniture

You may have several furniture & fixtures in your room. If your carpet is damaged by water, it can be harmful to your wooden furniture. So, before restoring the flooded carpets, you have to remove all types of wooden furniture like sofas, desks, chairs & tables from the room and place them in the dry area.

Create airflow

Creating a high amount of airflow in the wet carpet can help to remove excess moisture and odour from the room. It also helps to dry the carpet quickly. Apart from that, experts also suggest opening the windows, turning on the fans & putting a high-speed fan on the carpet to dry it as early as possible. Experts always prefer high-speed fans & a dehumidifier to take out moisture & to make the carpet dry.

Steam clean

Steam washing or steam cleaning is another way to remove toxins from the wet carpet. It also helps to deodorize the carpet. Steam washing is an eco-friendly cleaning process also known as a hot water extraction method. This process is highly recommended by experts. The steam cleaner is very easy to operate. It can quickly suck up the dead mould & toxins from the flooded carpets.

Using baking soda

Baking soda can help to take out trapped & excessive moisture from the wet carpets. The process is very simple. A good amount of baking soda is gently sprinkled on the flooded carpet. It takes at least an hour to absorb completely. After that, you can vacuum it to get fresh & dry carpets.

Above-mentioned tips are highly recommended by the carpet cleaning experts. To further remove mould & mildew from the carpet, the carpet should be sanitised in a proper way. Experts use eco-friendly solutions to clean baseboards and walls. They assure guaranteed wet carpet restoration services with complete satisfaction.

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