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4 Ways to Clean & Restore a Carpet

4 Ways to Clean & Restore a Carpet

08 Sep 2020

A carpet is one of the beautiful home furnishing products that gives comfort and adds an extra layer of beauty to the room. However, over time, dust, loose dirt, scratches, regular wear and tear, stains and pollen make the carpet dirty. So, to restore back the original beauty of the carpet, proper cleaning and restoration are important. In this blog, we will discuss 4 expert-recommended carpet cleaning & restoration techniques.

Carpet vacuuming

Carpet vacuuming is one of the common and very popular types of carpet cleaning processes.Over time, dust, dirt, allergens and pollen can make the carpet dirty. Vacuum cleaning helps to bring back the original beauty of a carpet by removing the surface and loose dirt from the carpet fibre. Apart from that, experts suggest vacuuming the carpet on a regular basis.This is because regular vacuuming is very effective in comparison to weekly or monthly vacuum cleaning.

Carpet patching

Carpet patching is another popular restoration process recommended by experts. Patching is basically associated with worn-out and damaged sections of a carpet. Generally, regular wear and tear, burns, scratches and stains can damage the carpet badly. Patching helps to replace the damaged section with the new one and bring back the originality of the carpet. Carpet patching is a simple, fast and cost-effective method.

Carpet steam washing

A carpet steam washing is a deep carpet cleaning method highly recommended by the carpet cleaning experts. This is also known as a hot water extraction method. Steam washing is an eco-friendly cleaning technique.This means no harmful chemicals are used in this process. In this process, hot steam can clean carpets very effectively. Steam carpet cleaning helps to remove deep dirt and stains from the carpet fibre. It is suitable for all types of carpet fabrics. Experts claim that steam washing can kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria inside the carpet.Carpet steam washing can restore back the original beauty of the carpet.

Stain cleaning

It's quite natural to see a beautiful carpet covered with unwanted stains like tea, coffee,chocolates,alcohols,urine, blood, etc.These unwanted stains are deeply absorbed into the carpet fibre and make the carpet very dirty. It's quite difficult to remove stains or clean a stained carpet by yourself. This is because proper stain cleaner is necessary to clean the carpet fibre. So,it's better to call the experts.They use the right stain cleaners depending on the type of carpet cleaner.

Cleaning & restoring the carpet is quite difficult. So,if you would like to clean or restore your damaged carpets contact the professional carpet cleaning experts in Perth.

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