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4 Myths of Domestic Carpet Restoration & Cleaning

4 Myths of Domestic Carpet Restoration & Cleaning

22 Apr 2020

A carpet starts absorbing dust, dirt, stains & pollen due to lack of maintenance & cleaning. Many carpet owners do not have a proper idea of cleaning or repairing a carpet. Apart from that, there are so many myths of domestic carpet restoration & cleaning. This blog is based on the 4 major myths of carpet restoration & cleaning. So, let's start the discussion below.

Carpet patching is not necessary

A carpet can be damaged by stains, or burns but one of the saddest things is that many carpet owners forget about the damaged area of their carpets. They simply ignore. As a result, the small worn-out section starts damaging the entire carpet over time. So, carpet patching is extremely important. Carpet patching is a process by which the experts repair the worn or damaged section by replacing it with the new piece of carpet. Carpet patching is a very simple & effective process. The originality of a damaged carpet can be restored back by this process.

Any carpet cleaner can be helpful

Many homeowners in Perth believe that any kind of carpet cleaner is ideal for cleaning a dirty carpet. But the truth is that not every cleaner is ideal for all types of carpets. A carpet cleaner or cleaning solution always depends upon the type of carpet fibre. The reason is very simple. Wrong cleaners can damage the entire carpet permanently. If you don't have a proper idea about the carpet cleaners, call the carpet cleaning experts in Perth. They can clean your carpet with the right carpet cleaner.

Regular vacuuming is not essential

Many homeowners, specifically property owners believe that regular vacuuming is not very essential. Vacuuming weekly or monthly is enough to clean a carpet properly. According to experts, vacuuming is a very effective process. It helps to remove the surface dust from the carpet fibre. A carpet can absorb dust, pollen & micro particles every day. So, it's essential to vacuum a carpet on a regular basis. Regular vacuuming helps to keep the carpet clean & fresh.

DIY cleaning is enough

Last but not the least, one of the biggest carpet cleaning myths is that DIY cleaning is enough. Many homeowners in Perth prefer DIY cleaning techniques instead of professional cleaning service. However, DIY carpet cleaning never gives satisfactory cleaning results. Your carpet doesn't clean completely through the DIY processes. Whereas professionals can deeply clean your carpets. They use the right carpet cleaners and tools to bring back the originality of your carpet.

So, these are the 4 myths of carpet restoration & cleaning. As a carpet owner, you should never believe in such myths. If you would like to clean or restore your carpet, go for professional carpet repairs in Perth.

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