How to Clean and Maintain Different Carpets?

How to Clean and Maintain Different Carpets?
10 December, 2021

A carpet is a furnishing item adding a layer of beauty & giving comfort. This is available in a wide range of designs, colours, textures and patterns. If you are planning to decorate your room or office, a carpet can be the perfect option to choose. In this blog, we will discuss types & carpet cleaning tips.

Carpet types: Depending on the applications, carpets are categorised into 2 major types. They are domestic carpets and commercial carpets. Take a closer look at them:

Domestic carpets: They are also known as house carpets as they are used to enhance the room’s beauty. These carpets are available in a vast range of colours, designs and patterns. Domestic carpets also add a layer of value to your rooms.

Commercial carpets: As the name implies, they are extensively found in commercial places like restaurants, offices, schools & universities. These carpets are also available in a number of colours & designs. They also provide a level of comfort.

Cleaning and maintenance tips for carpets

Whether it's a commercial carpet or a domestic carpet, it must be maintained properly to extend its life & keep it fresh. Here we are going to discuss how to keep the carpets clean and fresh.

Restoration: A carpet can be damaged in many ways such as snag, burn, accidental scissor cut, etc. To bring back the original beauty of a carpet, it needs to be restored professionally. There are several ways to restore domestic carpets such as invisible mending in Perth, carpet patching, etc.

Regular vacuum cleaning: Due to lack of maintenance, regular wear and tear, dirt, dust, particles & other impurities damage the carpets. To the carpet, vacuum-cleaning must be considered. This is a simple cleaning process that is used to eliminate surface dust & dirt from the domestic carpets. This process is highly efficient and fast. However, domestic cleaning experts in Perth suggest vacuuming on a regular basis.

Steam cleaning: Last but not the least, steam cleaning is essential to clean the carpets deeply. Over time deep dirt, dust, allergens, stains & spills are trapped inside the carpet fibre. Steam cleaning is a powerful way to clean tough carpet stains. It can kill 99% of bacteria and germs and extend the carpet’s life.

Whether it's a domestic or commercial carpet, it enhances the beauty of your room & office. Regular vacuum cleaning & maintenance services keep the carpets long-lasting and spotless.

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